How To Make Hash Oil SAFE & EASY (Hexane Method)

How To Make Hash Oil SAFE & EASY (Hexane Method)

How To Make Hash Oil SAFE & EASY (Hexane Method)

Use REAGENT GRADE Hexane!!!!!

*If you do not want to use hexane… 99%, 91% isopropyl alcohol or high proof alcohol (Everclear) also works but won’t be as potent or pure. (The liquid will also look green)


1. Grind up your weed but take the stems out before.. they’ll do more harm than good. (Here I used 1/2 Ounce of herb)

2. Pour it into a sealable glass jar.

3. Let it chill in the freezer overnight (This hardens the crystals)

4. Pour Hexane around 1/4 Inch over your herb

5. Shake vigorously for up to 1 minute. No longer.

6. Pour through a metal strainer (optional- you can go straight to coffee filters but I find this way better) into a container of some sort.

7. Pour through two coffee filters into a PYREX baking pan.

8. Let it evaporate overnight. (Fan helps)

9. Decarbonate the oil in your oven at 220 degrees F for 15-20 Minutes.

10. After letting it cool for a second scrape up the oil with a razor blade the best you can. (*I recommend freezing it so it will be easier to scrape up then once you have it piled together you can reheat it so it melts back down together)

11. Once it’s at room temperature you can scrape it off and play around with it so its easier to work with.

12. Recycle the weed and repeat this process to get more oil

Watch:How To Make Hash Oil Hexane Methode (2013) 4 Min 22 Sec

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