Strain Hunters: Columbia

Strain Hunters: Columbia

Strain Hunters: Columbia

Accompanied by VICE, this time the Strain Hunters went to Colombia to “search for the legandary landrace strains: Limon Verde, Punta Rojo, & Colombian Gold, three of the country’s rarest types of weed. They trudge up mountains and crisscross military checkpoints in the country’s still-violent south, and then head north to the breathtaking Caribbean coast.

Watch Strain Hunters: Columbia (2013)

2 responses to “Strain Hunters: Columbia

  1. It’s all about the money and where it goes.

    I traveled extensively in Colombia, South America in the 1970’s, and very early 80’s. My reason for being there: to buy the best marijuana I could find for shipment to the United States.

    The people I dealt with were not the killers depicted by our government.
    They were Moms and Pops with families. And some of the nicest, most
    honorable people I have ever met.

    This is not a war ‘against’ drugs. This is a war for ‘control’ of the
    And the involved governments’ only concerns are, ‘Who gets the money.’

    Once these products are legalized, we can all live in peace. The quality of the product will determine its market.

    Just like lettuce and tomatoes.

    I spent 5 years in Federal Prison for my escapades involving marijuana.
    I wrote about them in: Shoulda Robbed a Bank

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