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Cannabis Documentaries: Watch full Hemp, Hash and Marijuana Documentary Films online!

Cannabis Documentaries: Watch the best Hemp, Hash and Marijuana Documentary Films online!

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  1. Dear Cannabis Documentary Fans:

    Thank you for your efforts to keep marijuana legalization in the public’s eye. We are hopeful that you will be supportive of EVERGREEN, Riley Morton and Nils Cowan’s documentary film about the campaign to legalize marijuana in Washington State and the issues it addresses. Right now EVERGREEN is at a critical juncture. After over a year of filming the campaign in action, entirely self-funded and out-of-pocket, the team is in the final 10 days of a Kickstarter effort to assure we have the resources needed to complete the final phase of the film — documenting the final run up to election day and the election itself. We need your help to reach the people who will help us fund this story.

    Whether reaching small contributors or hefty donors, spreading the word about the film — and the issues it delves into — is our best route to success. We ask you to please take a look at our trailer and our recent updates, and to share them with your friends, fans, and supporters. The story of I-502, especially given its overwhelming chance of success, will be an inspiration to other communities seeking to change policy — marijuana policy, and other issues that need to be tackled through citizen activism. Indeed, the alliances and networks that have made I-502 possible are indicative of what needs to be done with so many issues in our day.

    We are hopeful you will post about our documentary on your Facebook pages, on your own websites and/or blogs, via Twitter, and through whatever other channels you utilize. Together we can bring this story to the national audience and drive home the message that current federal policy needs to change.

    Thank you again for your support.

    Kind Regards,

    B Dahlia
    Evergreen: The Road to Legalization in Washington State

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